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Kirk1-03.mp3 1.902.10.26 01:50:05DEANNA KIRKModern World2002Beautyway
Kirk1-02.mp3 1.902.10.26 01:50:05DEANNA KIRKBeautyway2002Beautyway
Kirk1-08.mp3 1.902.10.26 01:50:06DEANNA KIRKDance Of The Hours2002Beautyway
Deanna_chan_pre_marital_ministry_a(4 5.602.06.24 15:45:56
Kirk1-09.mp3 1.902.10.26 01:50:06DEANNA KIRKSilence Remembers Everything2002Beautyway
Deanna_chan_pre_marital_ministry_a(4 5.600.10.15 20:40:34
Kirk1-07.mp3 1.902.10.26 01:50:06DEANNA KIRKMarriage Of Roses2002Beautyway
Strawberry Wine.mp3 05:14:56Deanna CarterStrawberry Wine1996Did I Shave My Legs For This?0:04:51112S44
Deanna_chan_pre_marital_ministry_b(4 2.400.10.15 20:41:380:04:01 80S22
Brak-Deanna.mp3 4.399.08.02 16:02:460:04:31128S44
Deanna.mp3 07:45:26Track 50:04:11128S44
Goodbye_Kiss.mp3 4.902.07.18 21:46:53Deanna VaragonaGoodbye Kiss (live)2002with Robert Fisher,0:05:09128S44
Deanna_chan_pre_marital_ministry_b(4 2.402.06.24 15:47:14
Deanna_Varagona-Faye_Got_Lost.mp3 4.402.02.11 14:59:580:04:40128S44
Ink Stained Wretches, Deanna.mp3 08:22:11ArtistTrack 02Title0:05:16128S44
Deanna Edwards-A Healing Affair Of T 1.802.08.23 01:56:21Deanna EdwardsTrack 06A Healing Affair Of The Heart
Vestige_deanna.mp3 00:50:540:06:39 64S22
Deanna.mp3 17:44:390:00:59160S44
Change You Mind - Vocal Mix.mp3 0.503.01.29 11:56:55Bryan Ogden Feat: DeAnna CoolI Can Change Your Mind2002New Sound TheoryComment0:00:32128S44
Durbin_canthelpsinging_clip.mp3 0.703.10.02 00:19:14Deanna DurbinCan't Help Singing (clip)1944Can't Help Singing0:00:45128S44
Star Bangled - Trk2 - 0.803.03.19 06:43:49DeannaStar Bangled Banner2003Star Spangled Banner -SingleBMI # 816-536
A Call Came In - Trk1 - 64ks.22k.St. 1.803.03.19 06:23:55Deanna And ChildrenA Call Came In2003A Call Came InBMI # 816-536
A Call Came In - Trk1 - 24ks.11k.St. 0.603.03.19 06:07:55Deanna And ChildrenA Call Came In2003A Call Came InBMI # 816-536
A Call Came In - Trk1 - 32ks.11k.St. 0.903.03.19 06:13:21Deanna And ChildrenA Call Came In2003A Call Came InBMI # 816-536 6.502.11.21 17:34:13Deanna VaragonaBurden Of Freedomwww.eMusicTagEditor.com0:06:50128S44
Dv_heat.mp3 0.703.05.11 16:39:40The Deanna Varagona TrioTrack 05The Goodbyes Have All Been Taken0:01:00 96S44
Dv_faye.mp3 0.703.05.11 16:27:16The Deanna Varagona TrioTrack 01The Goodbyes Have All Been Taken0:01:00 96S44
Dv_gardener.mp3 0.703.05.11 16:33:14The Deanna Varagona TrioTrack 03The Goodbyes Have All Been Taken0:01:00 96S44
Deanna_OLeary_-_Amazing_Grace.mp3 16:07:16No ArtistAudioTrack 1120010:02:21128S44
Deanna_OLeary_-_Do_You_Not_Know.mp3 3.302.04.13 18:13:54No ArtistAudioTrack 0520010:03:29128S44
Deanna_OLeary_-_Christ_the_Lord_is_R 1.602.04.13 18:11:17No ArtistAudioTrack 0620010:01:45128S44
Deanna_OLeary_-_Quiet_Evidence_of_Fa 4.601.09.28 00:25:33Deanna Kay O'LearyAudioTrack 012001Quiet Evidence Of Faith0:04:53128S44
Deanna_OLeary_-_Cornerstone_Medley.m 18:16:53No ArtistAudioTrack 0720010:03:09128S44
Downloadfile.asp?File=CharacterReel. 1.0DeannaCharacterReel2101ED040:01:04128S44
Deanna.mp3 1.602.08.15 21:17:380:01:23160S44
Various Artists - Down To You - 05 - 2.703.06.14 19:35:52StayDeanna Kirk2003Down To You
Closer.mp3 0.703.10.06 18:32:39Deanna JohnstonCloser2003Last Night (I Dreamt I Was Falli0:00:45128S44
The_Best_Guy_sung_by_Deanna_Mitchell 2.403.09.01 16:07:47William West (Composer)The Best Guy (Deanna Mitchell)2003UnreleasedWilliam@WilliamWest.0:02:32128S44
Deanna Kirk - Stay.mp3 3.601.11.17 00:04:33Deanna KirkStay2000Down To You (Soundtrack)0:03:45128S44
Allforwhat.mp3 0.803.10.06 18:24:19Deanna JohnstonAll For What [demo]2003Undeniable Love Affliction0:00:54128S44
Womaninchains.mp3 0.603.10.06 18:48:44Deanna JohnstonWoman In Chains [demo]2003Undeniable Love Affliction0:00:39128S44
Whatittakes.mp3 0.603.10.06 18:49:26Deanna JohnstonWhat It Takes2003Last Night (I Dreamt I Was Falli0:00:39128S44
Drfeelgood.mp3 18:36:32Deanna JohnstonDr Feelgood "Live"2003"Live" @ The House Of Blues0:03:11128S44
Socalledlove.mp3 0.903.10.06 18:34:05Deanna JohnstonSo-Called Love20030:00:57128S44
Deanna_K_Blue_Ribbon_Day.mp3 2.603.11.25 01:17:23Deanna K & David A SlatteryRomance Of The Daisy Lyric, Fr2003Simple BeginingsExcellent0:02:43128S44
Dreamhouse.mp3 1.603.10.29 21:19:14Rochelle KrichDream House2003Read by Deanna Hurst0:03:28 64M44
03 Herbicides (shorter Cut).mp3 02:48:41"...I'm Deanna Garr
Goodbye_Kiss.mp3 4.902.07.18 21:46:53Deanna VaragonaGoodbye Kiss (live)2002with Robert Fisher,0:05:09128S44

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